Shower Trailers

Our mobile shower trailers range in size from 19 shower heads to 30 shower heads per trailer. Shower Trailers come with instant hot water systems, hand wash sinks, mirrors, climate control systems, changing areas, and fresh/grey water storage systems are available. Units are available with 1 or 2 compartments which help divide groups by gender. ADA Compliant Shower Trailers are also available for delivery.
Shower Trailers can operate from regular water hookups or from internal tanks with onboard electrical support systems.

Our newest Mobile Shower Trailers use low voltage 24-volt lighting systems that conserve energy while maintaining a safe environment for the user. ADS built and uses one of the industry’s first solar-powered portable shower units and continues to be innovative regarding safety and energy conservation.

The Portable Shower Trailer may operate in remote locations with limited resources for an extended amount of time, making these units perfect for disaster scenarios. These Shower Trailers can be deployed usually within 12 hours of an emergency call.

Our Shower Trailers

19 – Head Shower Trailer

10 stalls on one side, 9 on the other, changing rooms and sinks in each stall

30 – Header Shower

15 stalls on each side, bench, and 8 sinks

24 – head shower trailer

SLR (shower, laundry, restroom) , and a SR12 which is 12 showers with 12 toilets.


Daily Servicing
Onboard Water Heater
Turnkey Service
HVAC Equipped
16 to 30 Head Shower Trailers
Private Changing Room
Fully Operational within 4 hours of arrival
Water Delivery, Removal, & Storage
Generators Available with Refueling

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