About ADS

We are a rapid response company providing life-support systems nationwide, with a strong focus on reliability, efficiency, and the environment. Our cutting-edge innovative spirit keeps us a step ahead in this ever-expanding and demanding market. We take great pride as well in our above-and-beyond personal relations with our family of employees, as well as with our clients.

Active Deployment Systems is an industry leader in the rapid response/emergency management market sector with 30 years of experience since 1987. ADS has positioned itself as a leader in the provision of turnkey temporary living facilities and wrap-around logistics support for federal, state, and local governments. At ADS, our focus is our people and our administrators. We depend highly on our employees and management to build most of our own equipment located at our headquarters in San Marcos, Texas.

We realize from decades of experience disaster areas have no access to repair parts or service. Our equipment is designed and built to operate in these environments, therefore we know how to make repairs and keep the systems running in any situation.

Emergency Hygiene Response

ADS has the mobile hygiene equipment needed to increase hygiene and sanitation capacity in many different institutions in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Our employees and equipment are already hard at work deployed in cities across the United States to provide auxiliary hygiene services that enhance or create infrastructure to maintain sanitary living and working conditions at hospitals, prisons,
and military bases.

Supporting disaster relief

Active Deployment Systems (ADS) is doing what they can to support those on the front lines of COVID-19 response.

“With COVID-19, it’s as if a hurricane has hit all 50 states. Normally it’s just two or three,” Elliott said.

Despite the overwhelming pandemic, this is what his teams are trained for. His team’s focus now is getting to where they can be most helpful and providing the vital equipment needed to continue to aid those affected by COVID-19.

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The aircraft helps move employees around, especially now, with travel restrictions as tight as they are. We’re able to go whenever we need. From a business aspect, as the owner of a company, I use it heavily for meetings. I can do three meetings in different cities in one day.

As a business owner, Elliott says he’s pleased with how his aircraft has allowed him to expand and take on new challenges. As a disaster responder, he says he’s happy that he can provide help faster and more effectively.


Where We Got Our Start

It Was Love at First Sight

President of Active Deployment Systems, Simon Elliot has over 30 years of experience in both Government Contracts and Disaster Relief. Mr. Elliot attributes his professional success to four major components: nationwide networking, preparedness, a trained and capable staff and vendor relationship facilitation and maintenance. Through proactive preservation of nationwide partnerships, ADS has gained access to nearly unlimited additional support assets to provide a diverse range of core response services. As a retired Veteran, Michael Bennett is the Senior Operations Manager of Active Deployment Systems and works alongside Mr. Elliot with over 5 years of Disaster Relief experience. Mr. Bennett has first-hand background knowledge on the services and amenities required for multiple base camps delivered in short periods of time while accommodating fluctuating populations.

DHS small business  achievement award

Active Deployment Systems was awarded the Department of Homeland Security Mission Support Award for our “service and commitment” during the 11th Annual DHS Small Business Awards Ceremony. The annual DHS Small Business Achievement Award is presented to select small businesses nationwide in recognition for exceptional contributions to the homeland security mission.

The award is sponsored by the DHS Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and includes nominations and substantial participation by the broader DHS procurement community and program office in DHS components.


From Simon—I am beyond proud of my family of employees. I have always strived to make a difference in the world. Our products have helped countless good folks during the COVID-19, providing disaster response and support nationwide.

We have been fortunate in keeping our employees on payroll during these uncertain times. ADS has been offering our employees the opportunity to donate their government stimulus checks to a family of their choice, and in return for their incredible generosity we are matching the amount of each donation .

Our team has stepped up majorly to support local families and I could not be more proud of them. Sometimes a boss
just needs to brag about his family of employees!