Equipment & Capabilities

Handwashing Units

  • Handwash units come equipped with instant hot water heaters, generator / electricity on site, on board water tanks, sanitizing soap and paper towels

Shower Units

  • Hot water systems, hand wash sinks, HVAC equipped, climate control, fresh and gray water storage, electrical support systems, solar powered capabilities

Restroom Units

  • Vacuum flush, electric lights, climate control, off-site waste
  • Restroom trailers — can be expanded to fit your needs. We provide capabilities from 30 stall units up to 100 units
  • Portable Skid Units — 16-pack toilets with sinks, 8-packs, 6-packs
  • Aquarius systems — stalls with toilets and urinals
  • SST systems — stalls with toilets and urinals and hand wash sinks

Bunker Units / Tents

  • We provide mobile bunkhouse trailers, tented housing, containerized units and customizable temporary facilities with all capabilities and operations

Kitchen Units

  • These kitchen units are available in a selection of sizes and can be custom configured to meet your mission needs. These units are easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces with a wide range of appliances and support equipment. ADS provides full turn-key onsite set up/ break down, dry storage and complete kitchen staff

Decontamination Unit

Hospital Isolation Skid

  • 4-Bed Hospital Isolation Skid Features:
  • Capacity for 4 total beds, 2 per room separated by a privacy curtain
  • Toilet and sink with privacy curtain
  • Patient Observation Windows on doors and exterior
  • LED lighting
  • Door A — (1) 36" door for airlock entryway for medical staff

Floor Plans