At ADS, the innovative vacuum flushing technology of our mobile restroom trailers is making the porta-potty a thing of the past. Large events require large solutions. This revolutionary system gives you the comfort of an indoor facility all in only 25% of the footprint previously require by conventional portable units. These mobile restroom trailers are scalable up to 180 stalls, all in one central location. They are equipped with vacuum flushing technology, electric lighting, and climate control. We offer you three styles: Pods, Aquarius, and SST.
Our Restroom Pods

6-Pack Restroom Pod

Our Portable 6-Pack Pod gives you 6 toilets along with 6 sinks

12-Pack Restroom Pod

Our Portable 12-Pack Pod gives you 12 toilets, each with an interior private sink

16-Pack Restroom Pod

Our Portable 16-Pack Pod provides you with
16 toilets and 6 sinks

Our Aquarius Systems

The small footprint of the Aquarius System make it easy to place almost anywhere inside a relief camp or venue, and the attractive skirting and deck help blend the unit into the surroundings while blocking the elements from the holding tanks and trailer landing gear. Best of all, the unit can be serviced without interruption, and waste is discretely moved off-site, limiting odors noise typically emitted during pumping.

Aquarius 90

Portable restroom trailer with 33 stalls with toilets, and 27 urinals

Aquarius 60

Portable trailer with 36 stalls with toilets and 54 urinals

Aquarius 180

Portable trailer with 72 stalls with toilets and 108 urinals

Our SST Systems

The Super Series Toilet Restroom System is our original series vacuum flush mobile restroom trailer, featuring multiple 30-stall and 40-stall mobile restroom units housed within 53 semi-trailers, perfectly fitting into tight spaces.

SST1 – 30 Restroom Trailer

Portable restroom trailer with 24 stalls with toilets, 6 urinals and 10 hand wash sinks

SST2 – 40 Restroom Trailer

Portable restroom trailer with 18 stalls with toilets, 22 urinals and 10 hand wash sinks

SST3 – 40 Restroom Trailer

Portable restroom trailer with 18 stalls with toilets, 22 urinals and 10 hand wash sinks

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