Our One-of-a-Kind Flex Space is the Buzz!

We can set up your fully functional, customizable office space on-site with all the amenities you want” “This is a true breakthrough in on-site workforce support.

These Flex Space Units are designed to interlock, giving you the freedom and ability to set up shop, big or small, to your exact specs. A true quantum leap in turnkey services!

ADS Flex space can be placed into any shape necessary to fit your needs.

This will also have a tent placed over the structure(s) to create shade and HVAC.

This type of design lets you build to suit your needs while having the privacy and being out of the weather elements.

Our ADS Flex Space can be configured into virtually any shape and size to fit your needs.

These innovative units will give your workers complete protection from the weather as well as the convenience they are accustomed to having back at home base.

The scalability of Flex Space coupled with its affordable initial cost makes this a very compelling option for your upcoming project.

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