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Toilet Trailers

Our Restroom Trailers Serve Thousands Of People Daily

Active Deployment Systems has developed some of the largest mobile land-based restroom trailers in the world. Our Super Toilet Systems service more people in a shorter period than most conventional portable toilets. Run these systems far longer than other portable toilets before you have to service them, too. You can even link super toilet systems together to set up a high number of toilets in a very short deployment window.

Beyond Disasters: Portable Toilet Evolution

We have been supporters of the portable toilet industry for over 20 years. In that time, we've delivered and serviced thousands of toilets in over seven states. While portable options are less than desirable to some, we have a long-standing love of these little 4' x 4' boxes. However, as in any industry, technology must continue to evolve.

Improved Design

One of our missions, besides portable showers and laundry, was to provide an alternative to the conventional portable toilet. In the past, your options were either a portable toilet or a premium restroom trailer. Until, we created the Super Toilet System, there weren't many choices in-between. Our super toilet trailer provides an alternative to renting a large number of portable toilets to groups of people. We pioneered toilets that use vacuum technology developed for cruise ships. This vacuum technology allows for facilities with condensed footprints of 53' X 8', so clients can dedicate less concession, retail, and housing space to sanitation.

Super Toilet Specs

A single trailer can service up to 40 people at a time, services crowds at a ratio of 3:1 over a traditional portable toilet thanks to accessible design, individual stations, and a vacuum pumping system. Simply said, one super toilet can replace 120 portable toilets. Plus, we don't have to interrupt usage of our toilets in order to service the system. We're only too happy to further discuss the unique specifications of our super toilets with clients.

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Beyond Disasters: Solar Power

We're one of the first to regularly use solar power in our shower and handwashing trailers. The low voltage systems on these trailers make them some of the most efficient and safest in the industry. They're effective in remote locations with limited support since they don't require a generator. Of course, we continue to push technology towards eco-friendlier operation and reduce the demand for consumable resources.