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emergency management

Active response within hours

Are you searching for immediate, fully set up, and maintained life support equipment? Active Deployment Systems is a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor and provider of mobile hygiene units, temporary housing, and other support buildings. Our equipment is intended for events ranging from a four-hour company picnic or wedding to continuous operation in disaster support, military training operations, or long-term events. All of our equipment is designed and built to the highest standards of quality and reliability. We can usually have our equipment at your site with in 24 to 72 hours after your order.

Disaster Recovery

ADS is ready for any situation. Extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, unexpected disasters, and forests fires can lead to a lot of property damage. We have provided portable restroom trailers, laundry trailers, and shower trailers for communities in need of disaster relief.

Quick Response

A Senior Manager is on-call every night to provide clients with 24-hour response for any situation. Our fleet of trailers are designed and staged for rapid deployment on short notice.


Complete Management

All of our shower, restroom, and laundry systems are completely self-contained and capable of independent operation. We can provide the power, water, and gray & black water support for these systems, if your infrastructure is damaged. ADS employees can stay on-site in our to maintain any system we have operating.

Housing Options

ADS provides temporary housing for many groups from oil field workers to disaster victims. Our options are available for short- or long-term use. Temporary or workforce housing, are called man camps, and are built as semi-permanent turnkey camps. Everything is affordable, efficient, and comfortable. We can set up in any remote location, and emergency response camps can be dropped and ready for people within 48 hours of contract close. Our housing and portable buildings are great for:

 • Workforce Housing • Fire Relief  • Disaster Relief
 • Military Contracts • Government Contracts • Special Events

Full-Service Housing

Find temporary housing that is built to your specifications. We handle everything, including site design, pulling permits, and excavation and piping. Our management specialists will run your housing facility, providing services, such as:

• Reservations Front Desk • Housekeeping • Security
• Maintenance • Accounting